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Silicon Velcro Heat Sleeve Orange. Gyártó termékszáma: VS-D-20

Silicon Velcro Heat Sleeve Orange



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Note, price is for 1 decimeter!

Choose how many decimeter you want to order in the "shopping cart", 1pcs =1 decimeter. We always deliver this wrap in one piece.

This heat sleeve is made of woven fiberglass that is coated with a special silicone rubber, which gives this heat sleeve its properties. This heat sleeve manages a temperature of +260 ° C. And under shorter periods of time up to +1000° C. Easy assembly thanks to velcro lock.

Make sure the velcro lock is not directed towards he heat source. Since the velcro lock will have much lower temperature recistance comapired with the silicone surface.

Inner diameter (mm): 20 mm

Length: Choose in dropdown (Qty = length in decimeters)

Color: Brick red

Temperature range:-54 to +260 °C, under shorter time + 1000 °C

Material: Silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeve.

Applications: Protects from extreme heat. Thermal and abrasion resistance.

Cikkszám: 522VS-D-20

Gyártó termékszáma: VS-D-20

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