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Silver Carbon Fibre Sleeving (Sewn). Gyártó termékszáma: FUNK-SICFSWN-

Silver Carbon Fibre Sleeving (Sewn)


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A super lightweight protection sleeving that has designed and developed as an alternative to the traditional carbon fibre version commonly seen from Funk Motorsport. Designed to ensure reliable running, whilst keeping your engine bay looking neat and tidy, this lightweight sleeve works perfectly in all conditions. Many performance car and race car enthusiasts use this sleeving to protect fuel lines, oil lines, signal cables, wiring looms and much more. Funk Motorsport heat sleeving can also be commonly seen to protect the complex wiring of audio systems. Developed with the customer in mind, this product has been designed for easy fitment to all performance applications. 
This heat sleeving is available for all Motorsport categories in sizes:
  • 15mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 30mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)

Gyártó termékszáma: FUNK-SICFSWN-

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