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Spark Plug Boot and HT Lead Heat Protection - 2, Titanium. Gyártó termékszáma: FUNK-BOOT2-TI

Spark Plug Boot and HT Lead Heat Protection - 2, Titanium


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Protect your Spark Plug Boot and HT Leads against heat, chemicals and water with Funk Motorsport spark plug boot and HT lead protectors. Reduce the chance of a misfire caused by hot manifolds or engine components damaging your leads. Designed specifically for heat protection, the spark plug boots ensure maximum spark energy and help to maintain maximum power output. These install in seconds and come in a variety of colours to suit all race and road applications. Available in Red, Black and Lava Rock Titanium to match Funk's Exhaust Wraps, Turbo Blankets and protective sleeving.
Cikkszám: 1614FUNK-BOOT2-TI

Gyártó termékszáma: FUNK-BOOT2-TI

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